Pictured Above (back row, left to right): Dr. Gurender Singh Sahani, Addiction Psychiatry, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Jessica Joyce, Associate Director, Institutional Giving, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Debbie Bender, Senior Philanthropy Officer, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Thomas Narducci, Administrative Director, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Lynn Rossini, Vice President of Philanthropy, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Joan Neveski, Clinical Manager of the Center for Youth and Families at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Diane Libby, Emily Biddick, MD, and Michael Adams of the Robert R. Rosenheim Foundation, John Capobianco, SVP, Northwest Region, Hartford HealthCare; Bimal Patel, President, Hartford & Northwest Regions, Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare. (front row, left to right): Kevin Tieman, Child Trauma Response Coordinator and Dani, Trained Therapy Dog, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is grateful to the Robert R. Rosenheim Foundation which has generously awarded a $1 million grant to establish the Robert R. Rosenheim Pet Therapy & Restorative Healing Program for Youth and Families.

“The Center for Youth and Families stands as the only accredited Child Advocacy Center in northwest Connecticut and this charitable investment will greatly benefit local children and families experiencing emotional, behavioral, and developmental difficulties by strengthening the Center’s services and accessibility,” said John J. Capobianco, SVP, Northwest Region, Hartford HealthCare.

In addition to increased healthcare support at the Center for Youth and Families, the grant will also fund:

  • The new CHH Pet Therapy Program—The additions of child trauma response coordinator Kevin Tieman and trained therapy dog Dani to the Center’s staff will provide a stress-reducing outlet for young patients experiencing trauma
  • The Parent/Guardian Education and Support Program will provide specialized support for those with children experiencing trauma, mental health issues, or autism spectrum disorders
  • Added therapy space
  • Additional clinical and therapy positions
  • Greater healthcare access and equity

“The Robert Rosenheim Foundation is honored to be a part of this wonderful program,” said Diane Libby, Board Member of the Rosenheim Foundation. “Mr. Rosenheim’s wishes were to have his legacy benefit children and animals. The Pet Therapy & Restorative Healing Program for Youth and Families fits perfectly into his legacy. We know the funding from the foundation will benefit many children and families now and in the future.”

“We are very thankful for the Rosenheim Foundation, which has been a reliable, longtime philanthropic supporter of Charlotte Hungerford Hospital,” said Debbie Bender, Senior Philanthropy Officer. “This newly established program will have a significant ripple effect within our community for years to come by providing security, trust, and healing to children and families when they need it most.”

If you or your organization is interested in supporting Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and the thousands of patients it serves each year, please contact Debbie Bender, Senior Philanthropy Officer, at Deborah.Bender2@hhchealth.org.