Our Community Ambassadors

Our Corporators are part of the critical partnership among Hartford HealthCare’s Northwest Region Board of Directors, hospital leadership, the medical staff, and the community that strengthens Charlotte Hungerford Hospital as a vital healthcare resource in our region.

Charlotte Hungerford Corporators are innovators, leaders, and active members of our community, and they play an important role in encouraging participation and educating our communities about the hospital’s services and activities. Corporators also provide the hospital with valuable feedback and communication, helping us identify the best ways to contribute to the healthcare needs of the communities we serve.

In your role as a Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Corporators, you should always feel free to direct comments or questions to Debbie Bender, Senior Philanthropy Officer, at Deborah.Bender2@hhchealth.org.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Corporators