Pictured Above: (Front Row) Bimal Patel, President, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare; Rosalie Strano, Auxiliary President; Cathy Dean, LCSW, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; John J. Capobianco, Senior Vice President of Operations, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Debbie Bender, Director of Philanthropy, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; (middle row) Joyce Peck; Diane Domonell; Cheryl Greeley; Eunice Jones; Mary Yorker; (back row) Shelli Rhoads, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital; Stasia Motuzick; Debra Maher; Linda Slevinsky.

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary graciously raised and donated $10,000 in support of the Integrated Therapy Program at the hospital’s Behavioral Health Center—which provides therapy and medication for patients coping with acute, situational, and long-term mental health needs.

The Integrated Therapy Program introduces patients to holistic activities and skills—such as yoga, music therapy, and art therapy—that can positively impact emotional and mental well-being and increase the success of traditional mental health treatments.

“Our membership is pleased to provide this needed support to the Integrated Therapy Program,” said Rosalie Strano, President of the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary. “The Auxiliary has been in service to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital since it first opened its doors—and we are proud to continue assisting this critical community resource in meeting the needs of those who rely on the hospital’s care, education services, and proximity to their homes.”

“Your mental health is as important as your physical health and research shows that integrative therapies are highly effective complimentary care options for patients experiencing anxiety, depression, and symptoms associated with trauma,” shared John J. Capobianco, Senior vice president, Operations, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. “Insurance generally does not cover the cost of integrative therapies, so we are extremely appreciative to our dear friends from the Charlotte Hungerford Auxiliary for helping to provide our patients with increased, equitable access to these beneficial behavioral and mental health services.”

“We are deeply grateful to the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary—not just for this amazing and thoughtful investment—but also for their decades of philanthropic support for our hospital and devotion to the health and well-being of the northwest region,” said Debbie Bender, Director of philanthropy, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. “This gift will improve outcomes and quicken recovery times for patients by allowing them to focus on their mind, body, and spirit as they receive thorough and compassionate treatment from our world-class care team.”

The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary consists of 200 members and 25 board members who provide their support and time as they raise funds through the hospital’s Gift Shop, membership dues, and other fundraising activities centered around Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. In addition to generous donations to the hospital, the Auxiliary awards several healthcare scholarships to local students. You can learn more about the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary here.

If you are interested in providing philanthropic support to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, please visit our Ways to Give webpage or contact Debbie Bender, Director of Philanthropy, at Deborah.Bender2@hhchealth.org.