On August 3, 2024, Hartford HealthCare colleagues, volunteers, and supporters will gather on opposite ends of the Long Island Sound as the community celebrates the 37th Annual Swim Across the Sound.

Each summer, Swim Across the Sound raises funds and promotes awareness for cancer patients, their families, and cancer patient assistance programs as swimmers traverse the Sound from Port Jefferson, NY to Bridgeport, CT. This year marks the second statewide edition of the event and Charlotte Hungerford Hospital will be fielding its very first team, Hungerford’s Just for the Halibut captained by Brian Mattiello, Senior System Director for Social Impact, Strategy, and Integration. Funds raised from Swim Across the Sound will support a Cancer Care Patient Fund at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.

“Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is all in,” says Mattiello. “I look forward to coming out of the water on the other side of the Sound just knowing we were part of something bigger than ourselves. Collectively, this effort is a massive counterpunch to a disease that is stealing too many lives.”

A longtime athlete with over 50 triathlons under his belt, Mattiello shares that he looks forward to competing alongside his team and experiencing the comradery and perspective this fundraising event provides its swimmers and the broader community.

“Finding swimmers, particularly those that will swim in choppy waters and with the sharks, was a bit challenging,” says Mattiello with a laugh. “But our team is a great group of Northwest Connecticut people who are committed to the cause. Two of our swimmers include a childhood cancer survivor and his father—so this experience will have deep meaning for our team.”

The entire roster for Hungerford’s Just for the Halibut includes:

  • Brian Mattiello, Captain
  • Jeremy Marchand
  • Adam Sobek
  • Isaac Sobek
  • John Wages

“There may be moments where we get tired, swallow too much water, or get stung by a jellyfish—but that won’t compare to the challenges cancer patients face every day,” adds Mattiello. “The Hartford HealthCare values and support will be a source of buoyancy for us. I ask that my colleagues join our efforts in raising funds for this cause and propelling us across the Sound toward the finish line.”

“Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is very excited to field and support our first Swim Across the Sound team—which will not only represent our region and colleagues, but also raise vital funds for our hospital’s Cancer Care Patient Fund,” says Debbie Bender, Director of Philanthropy, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. “We are grateful to team captain Brian Mattiello, his teammates, and their supporters for helping to assist cancer patients and their families in their time of need.”

Click here to visit the team’s fundraising page.