About Charlotte Hungerford Hospital's Food4Health Program

When it comes to living a long and healthy life, a person’s zip code can be just as important as their genetic code—and just like your healthcare options, your food options are very much dependent on where you live. Unfortunately, food insecurity is associated with some of the most common, severe, and costly health problems in our region.

Understanding that nutrition is essential for good health, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital launched Food4Health, a free program that provides patients, caregivers, colleagues, and other community members access to nutritious foods. Food4Health plans to serve 100 patients per year, ensuring access to equitable, culturally appropriate nutritious food to improve health outcomes.

Net proceeds from the 2024 Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Golf Classic will directly support Food4Health’s healthy food purchasing, infrastructure, and plans for a community garden to help grow the program and meet the needs of our patients.

Learn more about Food4Health.

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