Pictured Above: Gladys Cerruto, former Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Board member, current Corporator, and 1916 Society member.

Gladys Cerruto’s history with Charlotte Hungerford Hospital goes all the way back to her beginning.

“I was born in the old hospital back in 1929, while they were still building the current one nearby,” shares Gladys. “My mother talked about looking out of her hospital room window after giving birth to me and watching workers build what is now Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.”

Fast forward decades later and Gladys—a proud Torrington native and one of the region’s first women business owners—was helping to lead the hospital outside of her mother’s window by serving on the Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Board of Governors.

“I served on the board for well over 20 years, up until the affiliation with Hartford HealthCare, which was very positive for us,” shares Gladys. “Charlotte Hungerford is extremely important to the community and with all the advantages it now provides—including its doctors and technology—the hospital is really better than ever.”

Gladys no longer serves in a leadership capacity but continues to support the hospital as a Corporator and through generous gifts—including a recent investment in the hospital’s da Vinci Surgical System. She is also a member of the 1916 Society, which recognizes individuals who plan to include Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in their legacy.

However, there is one special gift that has served as a special reminder of the hospital’s importance to the community and her beloved family.

“My husband and daughter both spent their last days at Charlotte Hungerford and they received very compassionate care,” shares Gladys. “One of the things I wanted was to preserve their memory. We had this big, gorgeous tree in front of the hospital that blew over during a storm—so I donated new arbors in memory of my husband and daughter. Now, when I visit the hospital, I get to see the arbors, the flowers, and the people sitting there with them. It gives me a comforting feeling.”

Pictured Above: Gladys Cerruto donated the arbors outside of Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in memory of her late husband and daughter.

According to Gladys, philanthropy at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is vital because the community needs the compassionate, personal, and accessible care it provides.

“I would certainly encourage others to give to Charlotte Hungerford because it is so important for the hospital to have the latest technology, to be able to continue assisting patients—particularly those on Medicaid,” says Gladys. “I don’t have the physical connection that I used to have with the hospital when I served on the board, but I am emotionally connected to the hospital—one hundred percent.”

“Gladys Cerruto has been a cherished member of our hospital family for decades upon decades,” shares Debbie Bender, Director of Philanthropy, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. “A former board member, current Corporator, 1916 Society member, and continual philanthropic supporter—her commitment to our mission is as powerful as it is appreciated—and we are very grateful for her leadership, friendship, and investment in Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.”

If you, your business, or your organization is interested in learning more about providing philanthropic support to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, please visit our Ways to Give webpage or contact Debbie Bender, Director of Philanthropy, at Deborah.Bender2@hhchealth.org.

Click here to learn more about joining the 1916 Society and including the hospital in your legacy—or contact Rob Keane, Senior Philanthropy Officer, at Robert.Keane@hhchealth.org